CDW•G Amplified™ Services

E&I Computer Equipment Contract

With the recent addition of IT Professional Services to the E&I CDW-G contract for computer equipment & hardware, we wanted to learn more about how these services benefit E&I members. We sat down with Melissa Deets, Manager – Business Development, SLED at CDW-G, to focus on CDW Amplified™ Services, which include infrastructure, security, workspace, and support services.

In general, what are CDW-G Amplified™ Services?

CDW-G Amplified™ Services are technology services designed to help solve customers’ unique challenges and achieve desired outcomes. From roadmaps and adoption, to project deployment and lifecycle management, CDW•G Amplified™ Services bring years of experience to help E&I members design, orchestrate, and manage technology environments of today and well into the future.

What skillsets do Amplified Services™ experts have?

CDW-G Amplified™ Services experts consist of a multitude of architects and engineers who are technical support and professional services experts certified in their area of expertise. Our experts focus on specific skillsets of technology, including infrastructure, workspace, security, and support services.

What services are offered to education customers?

CDW-G Amplified™ Services offers a vast catalog of technology services. Today, many school districts, colleges, and universities are engaging CDW-G for eSports design and deployment, data center networking, hybrid cloud solutions, enterprise networking, and power & cooling services. The complete services catalog can be found here.

Why did CDW-G decide to develop this service?

CDW-G gets IT. Maintaining a network is important and it is hard work. We realized that not all school districts, colleges, and universities have the means or time to image and deploy thousands of devices or set up a new wireless network. We also noticed a gap in some of the smaller institutions where IT staff was not abundant. Providing the ability to leverage CDW•G engineers gives education customers the opportunity to take the extra load off your IT team so they can focus on being innovative within education.

Why should E&I members choose CDW•G for Amplified™ Services?

CDW-G Amplified™ Services bridges gaps in expertise, tools, and resources to help school districts and campuses scale and future-proof technology environments. E&I members can confidently utilize CDW•G as a one-stop-shop for hardware, software, and services, all sourced under the competitively bid contracts through E&I.

What are some examples of successes the team’s had with E&I members in K-12 and higher education?

2020 has been a very challenging year in many ways. One of the biggest challenges for education is coping with unforeseen budget cuts and how to overcome those deficits. CDW•G has been working with E&I members to ensure they understand the contract benefits and are using the contract to take advantage of member savings. CDW•G has worked with many E&I members to use the E&I CDW•G hardware contract as their primary contract, thus promoting consolidation and enhancing savings opportunities.

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