Columbia Advisory Group’s IT Assessments Help You Make the Most of Limited IT Budgets

Does your higher education institution need to reduce IT spend in order to meet budget goals, or redeploy resources for digital transformation or student success?

According to a recent EDUCAUSE QuickPoll, 72% of higher education institutions are planning for an IT budget reduction by the fall 2020 semester, while 92% are planning to—or are considering—investing in digital transformation. Columbia Advisory Group’s (CAG’s) team of IT experts work with higher education institutions across the US, and we’re seeing first-hand how IT needs are increasing while budgets are being tightened.

Uncover Savings Within IT to Re-Deploy to Digital Transformation

CAG has an expert team of higher ed IT consultants that can affordably help your campus leadership find opportunities to optimize IT spend. These experts perform comprehensive IT assessments, the cost of which are typically outweighed by the savings opportunities we recommend.

CAG’s higher ed IT experts can help you implement proven strategies for savings in various aspects of IT operations. The team can offer strategies to manage any IT issues the fall semester brings to your campus during this pandemic and beyond. CAG’s higher ed IT experts have expertise honed by successfully completing over 300 IT assessments nationwide.

Savings opportunities include:

  • Personnel and organizational structure recommendations (rules, roles, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Improved data analysis
  • Infrastructure and cloud streamlining opportunities
  • Software recommendations
  • Workflow optimization

If you’d like to know if your campus is likely to be a candidate for overall savings, please contact Dick Mitchell, Vice President at CAG, at or 214-394-5394.

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