E&I SSC Meetings Drive Successful Collaboration

by Michelle Nettuno, Category Marketing Manager, Technology at E&I Cooperative Services

On Monday, February 3, 2020, E&I staff, members, and business partners gathered together for our bi-annual E&I Category Strategy and Strategic Sourcing Committee (SSC) meetings in Dallas, Texas.

The Technology Strategy Team, consisting of representatives from E&I’s Technology Category and IT leaders from member institutions, spent the day collaborating on E&I contracts and sharing ideas for future RFPs and contract adoptions.

The day began with a discussion regarding current and planned new technology contracts, and then moved on to a session about the E&I Mythics for Oracle contract with representatives from Mythics and Oracle, including John Iuliano, National Sales Director at Mythics, Pat Bevilacqua, Applications Sales Manager, Higher Education at Oracle, and Randy Wayman, Application Sales Manager at Oracle.

The session included an Oracle Cloud briefing, highlights of the contract, and strategic planning discussions.  Mythics and Oracle shared a case study and testimonial regarding IPHEC’s use of the E&I Mythics for Oracle contract. Meeting attendees asked pointed questions about Mythics and Oracle, and received several key takeaways regarding the agreement and the many benefits it offers members.

Additional technology meeting session topics included:

  • Reports on and planning for upcoming RFPs
  • Report and planning for the E&I / Internet 2 Hosted Cloud Telecommunications and Web Conferencing RFP
  • Strategic discussions on potential future E&I / Internet2 alliance contracts
  • The plan’s viability to members and recommended adjustments

A special thank you to those who presented, shared their experiences with the group, and participated in the discussions.

These SSC meetings are an example of the amazing things that can happen when we collaborate. As E&I’s CEO Thomas Fitzgerald stated during his presentation at the conclusion of the meeting, “The people in this room and others will determine the future of supply chain management in education.”

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