E&I Technology Coalition

E&I Cooperative Services has been an advocate for higher education since 1934.  As the oldest and largest buying cooperative for education in the U.S. with more than 5,000 member organizations, E&I recognizes that facilitating thought-leadership in technology development and collaboration must be a part of its mission going forward.  E&I also recognizes that we cannot do this alone but we must have the brightest minds in strategic educational technology and technology procurement leadership as part of this larger national conversation.

E&I is in a unique position to bring thought-leaders together in that we are a not-for-profit, member-owned organization solely focused on the success of our educational members.  With this in mind, we are creating the E&I National Coalition on Enterprise Systems & Services with educational technology-leaders from across the U.S. to join in a broad and sustained discussion on the educational technology industry including topics ranging from emerging and transformational educational technologies to technology buying and licensing practices.  This group of leaders will not only discuss needs and future challenges but will attempt to help our solutions providers form new approaches to their product development and business practices.

Our early focus will be on Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and ancillary cloud-based systems  but could expand as new point topics emerge from our thought-leadership groups’ discussions.  In turn, E&I Cooperative Services will develop new relationships, cooperative contracts and service agreements based on the discussions of the Coalition to better meet the needs of its nearly 5,000 educational member institutions.

Future activities of the E&I National Coalition for Enterprise Systems & Services will include industry-focused cohort groups, direct discussions with Coalition leadership and industry executives and focused effort on positive technology industry change opportunities and advancement.  Additionally, E&I plans to create a symposium focused on strategic ERP and ancillary systems operations that is demonstration-based, offering a new way for institutions to discover, view and evaluate the strategic direction of technology across the industry.

National Coalition Goals

  • Bring together the brightest and most innovative technology and procurement leaders from E&I’s member institutions as the Coalition’s “founders”
  • Create a fresh, national forum for discussion of current and future technology challenges facing education in the U.S. (and freely publicize the outcome of these discussions)
  • Create direct dialog between educational technology “thought-leaders” and industry executives of solution providers widely used by E&I member institutions, especially in the area of contracts, licensing and industry practices
  • Create “recommendations for change” within the educational technology industry, offering new ideas and approaches to features, licensing and support structure, pricing, and business policies and practices
  • Identify and promote a standard for integration APIs for cloud-based systems that will be used within the E&I cloud contract portfolio for its members
  • Create new educational cooperative contract agreements between E&I member institutions and major manufacturers, resellers and solution providers that member institutions use most
  • Work with national media sources to advocate the innovative use of technology in higher education
  • Partnering with other “thought-leadership” inside and outside of education to view, evaluate and assess new emerging technologies that could have transformational educational applications
  • Create a demonstration-based symposium for invited hardware and software providers to show “functionality” of their products and services in a more complete and focused environment

Our founding Coalition institutions include Technology and Procurement Leadership from University of Arizona, Auburn University, University of California, Duquesne University, University of Maryland- Baltimore County, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, State University of New York (SUNY), University of Notre Dame, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Washington and Xavier University.


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