Keeping Your Campus or District Community Safe with Kiana Contact Tracing

by Keith Fowlkes, Vice President, Technology Category at E&I Cooperative Services

I will be the first to admit that there are hundreds of new products out there today to address the needs of education in our new pandemic reality. When analyzing the technology market, I see so many new products being released — many much too fast — into the education market without any guarantees they will work. This is especially true in the area of contact tracing for COVID-19 infections in schools and on college and university campuses.

Because of this, I am especially excited about our new E&I negotiated contract with Kiana Analytics.

Kiana has been in the contact and location tracing business for many years with their physical security products, and have channeled that expertise into one of the best COVID-19-centered contact tracing digital SaaS solutions available today. It is a clientless contact tracing solution that uses the institution’s own wireless infrastructure to trace a self-reported infected individual’s location, visit frequency, and contact history with other district or campus community members.

The Kiana solution is affordable, easy to implement, and does not require special software or complicated configuration of mobile devices. It uses data from your existing campus wireless device registration infrastructure and users’ Wi-Fi-enabled devices to privately allow authorized campus employees to trace where an infected person has been, how frequently they have been there and, most importantly, who they have had contact with and for how long.

Armed with this information, institutions can then use Kiana’s intuitive, intelligent dashboard interface to decide how and who to privately notify about the exposure, and where to dispatch cleaning personnel.

The Kiana software can also be used for space management for classrooms and meeting spaces, as well as physical campus security applications.

I am highly impressed with this solution and the re-purposing of Kiana’s proven technology to meet this serious health risk facing education. In a world where due diligence, preparedness, and response time are so critical to public health and safety, Kiana brings a SaaS solution that can give institutions and their campus community members peace of mind when heading back to school.

You can find out more about the Kiana solution here.

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