The Cutting Edge of Banner Support: Upgrades and Exadata Migrations

| by Walt Buckaloo, Senior VP of Professional Services, Columbia Advisory Group (CAG)

The Ellucian Banner system has recently undergone a 21st century transformation allowing students to register for classes or pay fees from their mobile devices if their institutions enable those features.

Banner upgrades and the process of enabling feature sets require most institutions to hire professional support. Why? A team with experience in navigating Banner’s complexities can make the process faster, easier, and less expensive for your institution. The E&I CAG contract provides institutions with a cost-effective path to Banner upgrade support along with project management expertise to keep your upgrade on-track.

Safely and securely offering access and expertise to student systems for students, faculty, and staff are at the core of what the CAG Student Information System (SIS) Team does. Our expert Banner Practice Team offers support and practical knowledge to help educational institutions of all sizes maximize the value of their SIS investments.

Cloud migrations, such as those to Oracle’s Exadata, present an opportunity to realize improvements in operational efficiency and decreased total cost of ownership. What does this mean in regard to Banner?

In addition to reducing the cost for Oracle databases and licenses, the licensing bundles associated with Exadata provide a cost-effective path to worthwhile feature sets which may have been excluded in the past based on budgetary concerns. With Exadata, processing speeds can increase up to 30%, redundancy is dramatically increased, and the disaster recovery benefits are outstanding.

If your Banner database license term is approaching renewal, it is an ideal time to consider an Exadata migration in order for your institution to realize operational savings and increased efficiency.

CAG works in partnership with our higher education clients to tackle sticky migrations even when the playbook is still being written, as is the case with the latest trend on Exadata migrations. Our data migration experience and project management leadership are assets in this process, since complex Exadata migration projects typically take months and require expertise that doesn’t normally reside within higher education IT departments. For example, at Texas A&M University System, CAG performs all of the key activities for these migrations in partnership with System IT leadership, working through the nuances of Banner features enabled on each member campus.

If you’d like to learn more about Banner support, cloud migrations, or Exadata, please contact CAG at or Michael Mast, Business Development Manager, Technology, E&I Cooperative Services at 480-414-4401 or

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