Watch Now: E&I’s New Contract with Kiana Analytics

| by E&I Cooperative Services

We are very excited about E&I’s new agreement with Kiana Analytics, a leading provider of real-time location and predictive analytics. Kiana’s cloud-based digital contact tracing solution provides an immediate response to COVID-19 or other viral exposure.

Kiana’s digital contact tracing platform is quickly and easily deployed by leveraging your institution’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and hardware. Their COVID-19 exposure capability immediately pinpoints at-risk individuals, groups, and areas within your institution and sends alerts about the unsafe conditions to limit the effects of exposure. All of this is accomplished without apps or software, and while maintaining the user’s privacy.

Check out this video for a comprehensive overview of the benefits of this new contract:

Learn more about the E&I Kiana contract and get started today.

For questions, please contact your E&I Member Relations RepresentativeMichael MastBusiness Development Manager, Technology, or Keith FowlkesVice President, Technology.

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