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Procurement Consulting ServicesE&I Consulting Group is a consulting and professional services organization focused on procurement optimization in the educational marketplace.

A division of E&I, we help schools and universities drive enterprise value across their entire supply chain, becoming more strategic so that they can accomplish more for less, drive down costs, and maximize operational efficiencies.

We know procurement.

We’ve been sourcing strategically in education for decades now and we formed our consulting organization with the vision of helping educational institutions streamline their approach to procurement while engineering long-term strategic improvements into their entire supply chain.

Our philosophy is that a best-in-class procurement operation relies on a number of key areas of focus. This is where we look to focus and effect positive change:

Procurement Consulting Services
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Strategy & Policy
  • People & Performance
  • Structure & Process
  • Technology Optimization
  • Monitoring & Controls

E&I Consulting Group offers a rich portfolio of integrated services that can be delivered together to exact true operational transformation – or a la carte to optimize specific aspects of your institution’s business. Core services include organizational and operational assessments, strategic planning, spend analytics, business process redesign, technology evaluation and implementation, strategic sourcing, staffing and recruitment, revenue strategies, ROI analysis and more.

Procurement Consulting Services
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Paul Harris
Senior Consultant
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Procurement Consulting Services