Carahsoft’s Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

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We sat down with Martin Gavin, Senior Program Manager at Carahsoft, to discuss their commitment to sustainability and initiatives they prioritize.

Tell us about your organization’s commitment to sustainability.

At Carahsoft, we strive to ensure that our business operates in a manner that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. In fact, reduction of our carbon footprint is a high priority for us. As a distributor of products and services, Carahsoft adheres to the manufacturer’s policies and procedures for defining green products of sustainable processes. We proactively encourage our manufacturers to pursue additional green initiatives.

We prioritize three areas of sustainability: Waste Reduction, Energy Conservation, and Sustainable Transit.

Tell us a little about each of these three initiatives.

Waste Reduction

Whether for our internal operations or customers and suppliers, our company encourages the use of recycled materials whenever possible. Operating as a distributor, Carahsoft neither manufactures nor ships products to end users, so prioritizing the use of recycled materials is our way of adding sustainability to the process. For instance, when employees must submit hard copies of bids, submissions are printed on recycled paper and shipped using recycled packing materials and boxes.

Energy Conservation

Carahsoft increased virtual operations to reduce our carbon and energy footprints prior to the COVID-19 quarantine, so our employees were well-equipped to shift to remote work. Before COVID-19, we hosted hundreds of virtual events—including webinars—each year, reducing the number of in-person events and, therefore, avoiding their carbon impact. Carahsoft utilizes email blasts instead of sending marketing materials, which reduces the amount of paper and packaging that mailing requires. In an effort to reduce energy consumption and gas emissions, Carahsoft leverages products and devices within the Energy Star program to support our internal IT environment.

Sustainable Transit

As we continue safely resuming in-office operations, adhering to CDC guidelines and giving priority to the health and well-being of our staff, Carahsoft employees will be able to take advantage of the many transportation incentives that our company offers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Overall, Carahsoft is always open to suggestions on how we can encourage more sustainable practices and implement further policies to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.