Meet HPC International, a New E&I Contracted Supplier

HPC International Inc. is a certified MBE supplier providing organizations with outsourced expense management services, virtual librarian support services, and research support. HPC has recently been awarded a contract with E&I Cooperative Services to provide its members with an innovative line of service offerings designed to improve financial performance and expand access to professional development resources and evidence-based research.

Founded in 1996, HPC currently provides strategic cost containment and research solutions to healthcare clients across the country. This new contract with E&I is an exciting opportunity to deliver these solutions to academic and higher education institutions for the first time ever.

“We have spent the past two decades focused on providing the healthcare industry with savings initiatives, educational expertise, and research,” said HPC CEO Dr. Hilton Hudson. “Our company’s primary goals have been to drive greater financial sustainability for health systems to invest in continuing education opportunities, and to promote evidence-based practice standards that ultimately lead to improved patient care. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with E&I to apply HPC’s expertise and best practices in healthcare to the education sector.”

HPC services on contract include HPC Education Concierge, HPC Enterprise Librarian, and HPC Value-Analysis Research.

HPC Education Concierge™ is a service for universities and academic health systems to centralize and manage expenses related to professional development for employees and faculty members. HPC provides expert oversight and management of membership fees to professional associations, corporate subscriptions for research and training, certification fees, and much more. This service aggregates siloed and decentralized spend across an organization to deliver cost savings and standardize the purchasing process across departments, facilities, and campuses. This results in significant double-digit savings for your organization and increased visibility of what you spend in this category. The price for this service is based on the size of your organization and will be fully covered by the savings generated through it. HPC’s customers consistently report an average annual net savings of 10-20%.

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HPC Enterprise Librarian™ service is an innovative library management program that offers on­demand research support from masters-trained HPC librarians. HPC librarians can assist with general research requests and advanced literature searches, provide oversight of library subscription resources and annual renewals, support management of the library budget, create specialized training programs, and help build and maintain a virtual library website for university, academic, public health and medical libraries. Whether you need more librarian support temporarily or long-term, full-time or part-time help, assistance with managing your entire library or simply some extra help during periodic busy times – HPC’s service can be tailored and priced to meet to your exact needs.

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HPC Value-Analysis Research™ allows clients to request concise, executive summary-style research papers on any topic. This personalized research model gives your procurement, supply chain and research teams the freedom and flexibility to choose very specific or broad topics of products that the organization needs to evaluate before purchasing. This research in turn provides purchasing teams with unbiased, evidence-based guidance they can trust as they explore and evaluate different product options. Pricing is tiered, based on the quantity of research you need from HPC.

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