New Henry Schein Branded Waterline Treatment Products

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Henry Schein Brand into the Waterline Treatment Category through our offering of a Waterline Maintenance Tablets and our Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridge.

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Henry Schein Waterline Maintenance Tablets are offered in two product options based on size of the dental chairs water bottle:

  • Item# 570-2560 treats a 2L Bottle
  • Item# 5702561 treats a 750 ml Bottle

The tablets are an easy-to-use, low annual cost per operatory solution for the treatment of dental waterlines. Simply place a tablet in the dental unit waterline bottle each time it is refilled and the odorless and tasteless solution will be effective for up to 28 days.

Henry Schein Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridge (item# 570-2562) offers 12 months of system treatment through the use of a dual cartridge system that is proven to be more effective than comparable single cartridge filters. Cartridge system easily installs within minutes and is compatible with both tap and distilled water.

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