Protect Vaccine Potency with Medical Grade Storage

Ensuring Vaccine Safety Through Proper Storage Conditions

Exposure to any unstable conditions can affect the potency of any refrigerated vaccine. Medical grade refrigerators and freezers are specifically engineered to provide the proper storage conditions for vaccines and maintain their viability. Vaccine refrigerators, freezers and ULTs should deliver measurable temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet, even at full load conditions, and quickly recover setpoint temperatures following frequent door openings.

Cold Chain Storage Products Portfolio

PHCbi brand ultra-low temperature freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators and combination pharmaceutical refrigerator and freezer units are designed to meet CDC requirements for vaccine and biological material storage. Our cold chain storage solutions offer a full range of temperatures needed to ensure the viability of a wide range of vaccines with combination models that can protect products frozen to -20°C and refrigerated up to +8°C in the same unit.

The PHCbi brand portfolio of medical grade vaccine storage solutions is engineered for easy maintenance, reliability and energy efficiency.

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