SKC’s Room in a Box Solution

Everything you need to let home and office workers collaborate effectively—in one simple bundle

As the workplace has evolved tremendously over the last 18 months, more education faculty and staff are working from home than ever before. Those who are working at the school or on campus are realizing that they have new, different needs about how a conference space should be structured—and how connected it is.

In response, SKC Communications has released their “Room in Box” bundles. These equipment bundles allow members to order one SKU and have everything necessary to make a space conference-enabled with no, or very minimal, installation.

Room in Box bundles include solutions for:

  • Remote workers
  • Mobile carts
  • Huddle spaces
  • Interactive classrooms/training rooms

Headset & Webcam

Bundles for those working from home include a headset and webcam, which are necessities for remote workers.

“When we structured the bundles, we assembled a group of peripherals we know can work together, yet we retained the flexibility to change, add, or delete components based on stock, or features needed or requested by the customer,” said Brad Sager, Design Engineer at SKC.

“When you think about working from home, you think about a nice cozy nook to do work in, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes there are pets, children, or others also working from home. It can be distraction city. Utilizing a headset lets you focus on the task at hand. It also makes you sound better since the microphone is close to your mouth, picking you up clearly without all that extra noise.”

“You also get the webcam which you can prop up or place on a tripod. That gives everyone else an eye-level view, so it feels like a face-to-face conversation, avoiding others looking up from that camera on your laptop, which is one of the most unflattering views and always has the worst lighting,” Sager adds.

Mobile Cart

One of SKC’s solutions for the office is the mobile cart which comes with a display, and an integrated soundbar with built-in microphones, camera, and speakers. The cart allows any space to become a conference space simply with the addition of a laptop. All a user needs to do is plug in HDMI and USB cables and they can run a meeting directly from the device through the cart. SKC also offers, as an additional option, a small form factor PC or Mac to attach to the cart.

Huddle Space Option

There’s also a huddle space option for rooms with existing displays, but no conferencing ability.

“Our huddle space bundles are great because they include super wide-angle webcams which can capture a whole room or be smart enough to crop just the people in the room into the frame. I think that’s going to be a big deal as office space becomes more socially distant and a room that used to hold ten people now holds four and they’re spread out. Additionally, we can let anyone use their own computer so there are fewer foreign items to touch. I think workers will really appreciate that,” Sager said.

The huddle space units also come with a USB speakerphone, USB hub and, if a room doesn’t have one already, an optional display upgrade.

Interactive Display

SKC also offers an interactive display that is touch enabled and includes built-in cameras, microphones, and speakers. Members can use a stylus if they prefer not to make physical contact with the display, and it allows interactive meetings where faculty and staff can collaborate on documents collectively, edit from all meeting locations, and then save or email documents or meeting notes to all participants—all from the interactive display. The interactive display is available stand-alone, on a cart, or it can be upgraded with a confidence monitor and separate camera for the back of the room. This enables a classroom-style presentation where an instructor can stand at the front of the room, back to the display, see and be seen by all students regardless of their location, and teach in a format most instructors are used to.

Easy Work Experiences Upgrade Solution

SKC understands the need for simple solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily, particularly in the current environment. These room in a box bundles are an easy solution to upgrade work experiences in a home office setting.

For more information or to purchase a Room in Box bundle through the E&I SKC contract, email and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person.

Visit the E&I SKC microsite or SKC’s website for further information regarding SKC Communications and products and services available through the E&I SKC contract.