E-Procurement Solutions

E&I offers a comprehensive range of e-procurement solutions, from our no-cost online Marketplace to standalone platforms with varying levels of functionality and integration capabilities. These solutions make e-procurement accessible for all members while bringing increased visibility and market reach to our suppliers, regardless of their e-commerce capabilities.

E&I Marketplace is a no-cost online shopping service where members and their end users can shop for products and services available through E&I supplier contracts in a fully secure, centralized purchasing environment. Functionality includes member-specific E&I contracts, support for p-cards and purchase orders, reporting, and basic approvals and admin rights. ERP integration is available at low or no cost.

How the E&I Marketplace Benefits You

  • No cost to be included in E&I Marketplace – and no cost for E&I members to join
  • Increased contract visibility to all participating E&I members and end users across campus
  • Representation regardless of e-commerce capabilities
  • Align with your processes through RFQs, POs, and punchout options
  • Intuitive search results through keywords matching your contract offering

In addition to the E&I Marketplace, we offer these standalone e-procurement offerings:

EqualLevel Contract Announcement Image
Jaggaer Contract Announcement Image
Unimarket Contract Announcement Image