E&I Marketplace & eProcurement: Supplier FAQs

Is there a cost to Suppliers to participate in the E&I Marketplace?

There is no cost to participate. The E&I Marketplace is also offered to members at no cost.

How can I learn more about e-commerce or how to provide a punchout?

If you already have an eProcurement platform, it is easy to punch out to the entire Marketplace. To learn more please visit https://punchoutcommerce.com/guides/punchout/.

What is the search feature and why are we being asked to provide keywords?

The EqualLevel search engine searches profiles as well as online catalogs. Providing keywords will optimize your company’s search results. Providing the categories and subcategories of your products and services is a great place to start. You can add or remove keywords over time.

What type of education is being provided to members about how to engage with the E&I Marketplace?

There will be in-platform access to training, documentation, videos, and other resources. We will also answer questions submitted by members in a timely manner.

How will the system handle members who must purchase through a PO-based workflow? Will they be able to upload? Is there automatic routing for approvals?

Members will have the ability to sign up for a “Managed Account,” and this will be our primary goal as we talk with members. A managed account indicates that the member has chosen to take a strategic approach to using the E&I Marketplace and designated an administrator. There is an onboarding process to work directly with the member to provide:

  • Admin and end user training
  • Enabling purchase order transactions
  • Approval workflow

How can we direct members to us for a price quote if we don't have a catalog?

The E&I Marketplace has a Request for Quote feature.  Please contact marketplaceadmin@eandi.org for additional information.

What is a GO Store?

The GO Store is a full-featured e-commerce store designed specifically to support punchout commerce. GO Store connects seamlessly with cXML eProcurement systems including EqualLevel, Coupa, Ariba, Jaggaer, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Workday, and SAP. GO is available at no charge to E&I suppliers who do not already have a punchout-enabled e-commerce store.

How does our e-commerce site connect to the E&I Marketplace?

EqualLevel will connect your punchout store to the E&I Marketplace through EqualLevel GO. You will complete the store set up and submit the punchout and order credentials in their Go Store. EqualLevel will then connect the store to the E&I Marketplace once testing has been completed. Check out some recommended best practices for your Go Store.

Is the E&I Marketplace universal in nature or will each institution have their own instance?

While the E&I Marketplace has a single URL for login, each member institution is set up as a separate account within the E&I Marketplace. If the member signs up for a managed account, they will have more control over their processes.

Will E&I Marketplace allow members to customize the catalogs they enable?

If applicable, members can enable their specific pricing as a punchout catalog provided they have a managed account. As a result, product customization is possible for those members.

Are you working with third-party integrators to manage the gateway for punchout integrations?

There are no third-party integrators.

How often can catalogs, videos, etc. be updated on the E&I Marketplace?

Catalogs are separate from videos and brochures; any non-catalog type material will be processed through E&I’s Marketing Department. Catalogs can be updated within your GO Store and the suppliers manage that process.  Catalog updates must be in compliance with the terms agreed upon in the applicable agreement between E&I and the supplier.

E&I has many members, can suppliers have one punchout for E&I and assign members to that punchout? How does this work?

This is dependent on the technology you have available for your punchout. The E&I Member ID number is passed in the punchout request session, and some suppliers can provide unique pricing and experience to a user based on the email address and/or Member ID number.

Are members able to submit ad hoc quotes/orders or are they limited by items on suppliers’ catalogs?

Quotes and orders can be submitted ad hoc and aren’t reliant on catalog items. Please be sure to let EqualLevel know that you can accept ad hoc orders so that capability is enabled for your instance.

Do we have to support RFQs? Or can this feature be turned on/off within Go by the supplier?

This is done by the supplier; however, we encourage anyone who doesn’t have the quote capability in their punchout catalog to consider the RFQ in EqualLevel. All quotes are available from your GO Store and can be responded to within your environment. You can also assign certain people to respond to quote requests submitted by different members as well as initiating a quote from the GO Store.

To support issue resolution, my team will need to know which E&I customers have access to the punchout. Is there a way for me to see which customers have access?

All members will have access to the punchout. A list of members who have been uploaded into the E&I Marketplace can be provided. The individual assigned by suppliers to manage the E&I contract receives a monthly update of new and deleted members.