Spend Data in Education

A Flashlight in the Dark | by Chris Jarvis, Mike Fox, and Ralph Maier at E&I Cooperative Services If you find yourself walking in a dark room filled with obstacles, wouldn’t you like to have a flashlight? That flashlight is data – it’s what illuminates that dark room so you can get a handle on your environment. In the world of supply chain, you always start with spend data, because until you know what the situation...

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ERP, Cloud, and the Vision of a New Model

How Can Procurement Professionals Get Involved? | by Keith Fowlkes, Former Vice President, Technology at E&I Cooperative Services A version of this blog originally appeared in EDUCAUSE Review. Today’s technology leaders in higher education seem to be running into several recurring subjects of concern surrounding enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, student information systems (SIS), and cloud-based systems. CIOs, CTOs, and Directors are basing their planning and buying decisions on these concerns. So, what exactly is...

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