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Ensure Strategic Procurement on Campus

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Strategy Next Year & Beyond | By Gary D. Link, C.P.M. The benefits of a strategic procurement operation can be significant and far-reaching, including everything from greater spend visibility and streamlined operations to new cost saving opportunities and increased value to the institution. Consider this quick checklist when attempting to become more strategic this year and the next: 1. Align the goals of your strategic sourcing and procurement function with...

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A Race to Zero

The New Normal in Educational Procurement | by Bill Cooper, Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer at the University of California Several years ago, I had the opportunity to contribute to a University Business Article entitled Spotlight on Procurement. The focus was on the emerging recognition of procurement as a key strategic contributor to the financial health of a university, rather than the tactical, back office transaction shop and “compliance cop” roles in which...

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A Farewell to Revenue in Higher Ed

As Funding Challenges Continue, Collaboration Can Pave the Way for Sustainability in Higher Education | By Tom Fitzgerald, Former CEO of E&I Cooperative Services This article originally appeared in University Business. Revenues are challenged. From large public schools to small private schools, east coast to west coast, the pulse of a strained revenue system is resonating throughout higher education. The pressure is mounting. There's a line from Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises that refers to...

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