6 Myths of Reverse Auctions

Gavel on a table representing adjudication

How Modern-Day Full Service Reverse Auctions are Creating an Environment Where Everyone Wins By Krystle Kassab, Director of Global Strategic Sourcing Sales, Procurex When you search for products and services, you want the best price. But when selecting a supplier, you need more than just discounted pricing. You insist on top credit ratings for any […]

12 Challenges Schools are Facing Before Reopening

School administrative professionals in a meeting to discuss the challenges of reopening schools during a pandemic

E&I Members Share Their Insight for the Road Ahead By Kaitlin Sclafani, Manager, SEO and Social Media, E&I Cooperative Services When COVID-19 began making headlines in early 2020, no one could have predicted the pandemic’s impact on educational institutions. Schools are facing more complex challenges than ever before, and they must rise to the occasion […]

7 Reasons Supplier Diversity Programs Fail – And How You Can Succeed

Professional women discussing a business opportunity

Overcoming the Challenge of Creating a Successful & Sustainable Supplier Diversity Program By Teresa Vest, Associate Director of Procurement, University of Missouri System In the ever-changing world of public procurement, creating a successful and sustainable supplier diversity program can be challenging. Does it feel like your program is failing or has plateaued? Or are you […]

Sustainability & K-12’s Unique Opportunities for Change

Group of elementary school children surrounding a recycling can

Weaving a Sustainable Mindset into the Campus Culture By Tony Schifano, Founder & CEO, Antos Environmental When it comes to creating a culture of sustainability, leaders within K-12 have a unique opportunity. Not only can schools make significant, cost-effective, district-wide change that effects an entire community, but they are presented with the chance to influence […]

Saving the Planet Through Procurement

Sapling growing from a stack of coins representing sustainable procurement purchasing

Cooperative Contracting Can Help By Tammy Rimes, MPA, Executive Director, National Cooperative Procurement Partners Association When serving the needs of a large school district, university, or community college system, procurement teams are required to maintain a level of knowledge on a variety of topics. When it comes to green purchasing or sustainability, it can get […]

4 Tips to Help Procurement Prioritize Sustainable Products on a Budget

Group of professionals making sustainability purchasing strategy

Here’s How to Help Protect the Environment While Reducing Costs By Staples This blog originally appeared on the Staples Worklife Resource Center. File this one under “outdated myth”: If you want to buy environmentally responsible office products and equipment, you’re always going to have to spend more. That just isn’t true anymore, says Robert Kuhn […]

Video: Why E&I is Different

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Not All Purchasing Cooperatives Are Created Equal By E&I Cooperative Services E&I Cooperative Services is different from the rest. Why do we say that? E&I is the only national purchasing cooperative focused exclusively on the needs of the education community. These are very different from state and local government needs. We were formed as a […]

Spend Data in Education

Procurement professionals analyzing spend data

A Flashlight in the Dark By Chris Jarvis, Mike Fox, and Ralph Maier, E&I Cooperative Services If you find yourself walking in a dark room filled with obstacles, wouldn’t you like to have a flashlight? That flashlight is data – it’s what illuminates that dark room so you can get a handle on your environment. […]

7 Reasons to Use Cooperative Contracts

Procurement professionals collaborating on strategic planning

It’s Time to Enhance Your Procurement Strategy By E&I Cooperative Services As purchasing requirements for education become more complicated and budgeting constraints become tighter, procurement professionals are continuing to seek innovative ways to deliver savings and efficiencies. This is especially true for educational and related institutions. An important resource in the procurement toolbox, the benefits […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Diverse hands joined together to work collaboratively

Why it Pays to Engage Your Procurement Department By Tom Fitzgerald, CEO Emeritus, E&I Cooperative Services I recently heard about an interesting presentation given by Mike Rulli, Procurement Specialist at the University of Notre Dame. As part of his presentation, Mike detailed the ways in which Notre Dame’s procurement department has forged a successful collaboration […]