Why Your School Should Recycle Your Old Batteries & Light Bulbs

Colorful used batteries that are ready to be recycled sustainably

Which Products Can be Recycled & How to Get Started By Batteries Plus Bulbs When it comes to recycling old batteries and bulbs, many organizations have questions. It can be confusing determining which particular products can be recycled and how your institution should actually go about recycling them. Here are the whats, wheres and hows […]

Sustainability & K-12’s Unique Opportunities for Change

Group of elementary school children surrounding a recycling can

Weaving a Sustainable Mindset into the Campus Culture By Tony Schifano, Founder & CEO, Antos Environmental When it comes to creating a culture of sustainability, leaders within K-12 have a unique opportunity. Not only can schools make significant, cost-effective, district-wide change that effects an entire community, but they are presented with the chance to influence […]