How to Clean and Disinfect Your University Sleep Mattresses

A clean mattress ready for students to return to college campus

Tips for Colleges Preparing for Students to Return to Campus When preparing for students to return to campus, it’s imperative that cleaning and disinfecting mattresses be part of your strategy. In light of the extra precautions colleges and universities are taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul Bailey, President of University Sleep, shares the […]

What Does Generation Z Mean to Me?

Smiling group of generation Z students in a library

Shaping Campus for the Next Generation The Millennial generation has certainly made their mark on the learning environment. The demand for creating a collaborative environment is the cornerstone of the Millennial Movement. In regards to the education facility, the Millennial population has, for the most part, graduated out of the system. The next population trend […]

Re-Imagining Residence Halls

Modern residence hall bedroom

New Campus Spaces Provide Students with the Comforts of Home As professionals in the education market know, the academic landscape is changing rapidly – and furniture solutions need to follow suit. Students often need to pull away from the hectic pace of campus life and seek out places for quiet focus work. The trend has […]