Even Teachers Can Learn Something New

A student watches their teacher demonstrate welding safety and best practices

Enhancing the Presence of Welding Instructors By Airgas Shaping the Future with Fresh Perspective Welding instructors are shaping the future. Year after year, instructors educate students who will later enter the workforce and help build things we rely on to make the world go round. It’s an important job that doesn’t always get the recognition […]

How to Achieve Sustainability in Your Lab

Clean modern laboratory with scientist arranging beakers

6 Ways to Create a Sustainable Lab and Save Money By Jack Polzin, Specialty Underwriters In this day and age, it is becoming more and more important to be sustainable and help ensure this planet is here for future generations to come. The act of becoming sustainable helps the environment but can also save money. […]

How Onsite Labs Can Improve Patient Care & Experience in Student Health Centers

Laboratory scientist conducting tests next to a microscope in an on campus student health center

What to Consider & How Patient Care & Clinical Efficiency Can be Elevated By Medline Industries, Inc. This blog originally appeared on the Medline Newsroom. Student health centers offering onsite COVID-19 testing are well-positioned to help stop the spread of the pandemic. With testing and technology all in one place, experts say it’s driving new […]

An Integrated Solution to Improve Cylinder Gas Management

Blue and white gas cylinders stocked together

Challenges, Risks & an Integrated Solution By Airgas The Challenge Managing cylinder gas supplies and avoiding run-outs presents numerous hurdles in the best of times. Restricted access to sites and reduction in on-site activity has created situations where the ability to keep up with gas content, cylinder exchanges, supply management, and reordering is difficult. There […]

12 Challenges Schools are Facing Before Reopening

School administrative professionals in a meeting to discuss the challenges of reopening schools during a pandemic

E&I Members Share Their Insight for the Road Ahead By Kaitlin Sclafani, Manager, SEO and Social Media, E&I Cooperative Services When COVID-19 began making headlines in early 2020, no one could have predicted the pandemic’s impact on educational institutions. Schools are facing more complex challenges than ever before, and they must rise to the occasion […]

Three Key Factors to Consider When Disinfecting Surfaces

The Difference Between Cleaning & Disinfecting, and the Meaning Behind Log Reduction & Contact Time By Medline Industries, LP This blog originally appeared on Medline.com. The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing facilities across the country to the limit and more are becoming tight on resources. As a result, some healthcare workers in non-environmental service (EVS) roles […]

Scalable Workflow Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy

Concept of genetic engineering and gene manipulation, hand replacing DNA molecule

Trends & Challenges on This Growing Segment of Bioprocessing By Avantor, delivered by VWR One of the most revolutionary trends driving the biopharmaceutical sector is cell and gene therapy. In his interview Opportunities and Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Development, Ger Brophy, Executive Vice President of Biopharma Production at Avantor, shares his perspective on […]