Easily Identify Student Comprehension & Achievement with D2L’s New Mastery View of the Gradebook Feature in the Brightspace Platform

D2L recently announced the release of Mastery View of the Gradebook, an exciting new feature in the Brightspace platform that enables teachers to view variables that can be combined to measure each student’s mastery of a subject. This one-page feature provides instructors with easier and better identification of student comprehension and outcome mastery.

Mastery View of the Gradebook enables teachers to easily view the overall level of student achievement related to each learning outcome, and helps instructors quickly identify students who are at risk of falling behind. Mastery View makes it easier for teachers to:

  • Quickly scan a student’s overall achievement across the course and the overall level of learning comprehension across all students
  • Match instruction to a student’s comprehension level
  • Identify opportunities for changes to learning activities based on students’ learning gaps
  • Better engage with students about learning goals, progress, and the curriculum
  • Encourage students to take ownership of their learning

Mastery View of the Gradebook shows aggregated performance across all students in the course for all measured outcomes. Teachers can click on individual table cells to drill down into individual learner’s performance and view data associated with each outcome. In that detailed view, teachers can decide whether to override the calculated suggested level of overall achievement or let it stand as is.

To access Mastery View of the Gradebook, open the Grades tool and select the Mastery option beside View Achievements By.

Mastery View of the Gradebook is included in the E&I D2L contract. You can find more information on this exciting new feature in this quick demo video and on D2L’s website.

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