E&I & HESS Team Up to Help Members Connect & Save More on Technology & Software Agreements

E&I Hess Technology Partnership
E&I recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Higher Education Systems & Services (HESS) to work collectively to help members connect and save money through technology and services software agreements.

As part of the MOU, E&I has committed to aid in the development, negotiation and management of HESS’s ERP and ancillary administrative software agreements, providing HESS members with access to competitively researched and negotiated features and pricing from its software partners.

HESS is a fully incorporated 501c3 non-profit, membership-run organization. Made up of chief financial officers, chief information officers as well as technology and finance directors, HESS is focused on collectively lowering costs and increasing collaboration between private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services.

“This is a perfect relationship for E&I’s new technology initiatives,” stated Keith Fowlkes, co-founder of HESS and VP of E&I’s Technology Category. “The connection between E&I and HESS brings new resources to both of our organizations.”

This alliance marks a new initiative for E&I to more closely engage with small and mid-sized private institutions on their shared technology contract needs. “We see this as a natural partnership with shared goals to serve our collective members more effectively,” said Tom Fitzgerald, CEO, E&I Cooperative Services. “I’m confident E&I and HESS can help make the technology buying process more efficient for our member institutions.”

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E&I Hess Technology Partnership
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