Meet the Challenge This Vaccine Season

Be Prepared. Meet the Challenge This Vaccine Season With PHCbi Brand Products.

PHCbi brand cold storage products can meet your needs with our purpose-driven designs. Whether you need large volume storage, fast temperature recovery due to frequent door openings and constant restocking, frozen and refrigerated storage or a compact size, we have you covered.

+2°C to +14°C Medical Refrigeration

The newest PHCbi brand medical refrigerator (models MPR-S500H-PA and MPR-S500RH-PA) is purposefully designed to meet CDC requirements for vaccine and biologics storage. The sliding door configuration provides easy access to inventory while maintaining stable internal temperatures throughout the chamber.

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+8°C to -150°C Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand VIP® ECO ultra-low temperature freezers and biomedical freezers and refrigerators offer the full range of temperatures needed to ensure the viability of 21st-century vaccines and more. Only PHCbi brand equipment offers combination models that can store products frozen to -20°C and refrigerated up to +8°C in the same unit.

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