A Newly Enhanced Grainger Contract Just For You

Grainger Discounts for Schools

You asked and we listened! More categories with deeper discounts along with a streamlined market basket structure make this newly enhanced contract the greatest overall value for any educational institution!

This upgraded contract provides incredible benefits such as:

  • One Premium E&I Grainger Contract version – replacing the Standard and Consolidated Member Programs
  • A total of 35 categories represented with a minimum of 15% or greater discount
  • Key Product Core Market Basket of commonly used items by educational institutions
  • Ability to develop your own Local Hot List of up to 1000 items, outside of the Core Market Basket to meet your institution’s specific needs
  • Incremental Growth Incentive for ALL Member Program Users
  • Exclusive E&I Member E-Commerce Incentive for ALL Member Program users

You can also take advantage of deeper discounts in key categories including air filters, lighting products, and power tools. For the full list of categories and discounts, head over to E&I’s dedicated Grainger page.

What to do next – Sign up Now!

If you are currently signed up for E&I’s Grainger program, you will automatically begin receiving the new program enhancements.

If your institution is not currently using the E&I Grainger program, or if you are not sure which program your institution is utilizing, please complete this quick Member Program Participation Form. This will ensure your institution will begin enjoying even greater savings through the enhanced E&I Grainger contract.


To learn more about how this greatly enhanced program can further benefit your institution, please contact David Ott, E&I Portfolio Support Executive – Facilities.

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Grainger Discounts for Schools
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