Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Contracts for EducationThe vast and varied needs of auxiliary services procurement range from books and media to office products, recreation equipment, landscape maintenance services, and more. E&I is proud to offer a diverse selection of auxiliary services contracts to cover all your bases and to streamline your supply chain while helping you save more.

Our portfolio of auxiliary services contracts ensures your institution can procure the products and services for all your needs. As an E&I member, you can start utilizing these contracts right away.

Finding What’s Right For You

Our auxiliary services contract offering can help you find:

  • Books, textbooks, and media
  • Employment screening services
  • Branded and promotional merchandise
  • Custodial services
  • Landscape and facilities maintenance services
  • Dorm bedding, furniture, furnishings, and supplies
  • Lounge seating
  • Office products and mailroom equipment, services, and supplies
  • Recreation and fitness center equipment, flooring, turf, and supplies
  • Car rental, sharing, and fleet servicesAuxiliary Contracts for Education

Discover the contracts that best fit your needs – check out our growing portfolio of auxiliary services contracts today.

More Information

For questions or more information about our auxiliary services contracts portfolio, please feel free to contact E&I’s Business Development Managers, Joe Castelluccio, Paul Harris, or Tina Smith.

Auxiliary Contracts for Education