Coalition Goals

Since it was first established in May of 2018, many of the original goals of the Coalition have already been realized, while others have been added as the Coalition continues to grow and evolve.

Key Goals Include:

  • Continue to add innovative technology and procurement leaders from E&I member institutions to the Coalition
  • Create a fresh, national forum for discussion of current and future technology challenges facing education in the U.S. (and freely publicize the outcome of these discussions)
  • Create direct dialog between educational technology thought leaders and industry solution providers widely used by E&I member institutions to discuss crucial topics such as contracts, licensing, and industry best practices
  • Create recommendations for change within the educational technology industry, offering new ideas and approaches to features, licensing and support structure, pricing, and business policies and practices
  • Create new contract agreements between E&I member institutions and major manufacturers, resellers, and solution providers that member institutions use most
  • Work on developing projects with outside organizations such as Internet2, EDUCAUSE, and others
  • Partnering with other thought leaders inside and outside of education to view, evaluate, and assess emerging technologies that could offer transformational applications within the education space
  • Create a demonstration-based symposium for hardware and software providers to showcase the functionality of their products and services in a more complete and focused environment

For more information on the Coalition’s goals or how to become a Coalition member, please contact Michael Mast, Vice President, Technology, at

E&I National Coalition Goals