E&I National Coalition on Enterprise Systems & Services

Bringing Together Higher Education Technology Leaders to Effect Positive Industry Change

Enterprise Systems & ServicesThe E&I National Coalition on Enterprise Systems & Services was established to tap into the best minds in higher educational technology and procurement. Together, we discuss the needs of E&I member institutions and work towards the shared goal of creating a positive impact on the industry.

Through the Coalition, these leaders engage in broad discussions on the technology industry in education, including topics such as emerging and transformational educational technologies and technology buying and licensing practices.

The objectives of the Coalition are to not only address higher education’s technology needs and challenges, but also help solution providers devise innovative approaches to product development efforts that help shape evolving business practices. The Coalition also recognizes those institutions and solution providers that are consistently innovating and enacting positive change in the higher education space.

Future activities of the Coalition include:

  • industry-focused cohort groups;
  • direct discussions between Coalition leadership and industry executives; and
  • focused efforts on positive technology industry change opportunities and advancements.

Additionally, E&I plans to create a demonstration-based symposium, offering a new way for institutions to discover, view, and evaluate the strategic direction of technology across the industry.

More Information

For questions, additional information, or to become a member, please contact Michael Mast, Business Development Manager, Technology, at mmast@eandi.org.

Enterprise Systems & Services