K-12 Amex Program

Save Big on K-12 Purchases with E&I’s American Express® P-Card

What if there was a way to earn cash back on a significant portion of your institution’s purchases?

There is!

As part of E&I’s American Express® contract, E&I member institutions in K-12 can streamline enterprise spending while taking advantage of a variety of financial benefits and hard dollar incentives. The American Express (Amex) Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC or P-Card) is core to the Program and is available to all E&I K-12 members at pre-negotiated, exclusive rates.

Start Saving Today

It’s easy to start saving. Sign up for the Program today – drive end-users to purchase on the American Express P-Card – and watch the savings and incentives roll in across your school or district.

Beyond P-Cards, E&I’s American Express contract includes several great solutions for education, including solutions for secure virtual payments (vPayments), buyer-initiated payments (BIP), and more.

E&I’s American Express Program – Key P-Card Features:

  • Easy-to-use premium P-Card for your entire organization
  • Guaranteed financial rebates regardless of purchasing volume
  • Online reporting and program management capabilities
  • Online reconciliation tool with integration into financial systems
  • Enhanced supplier restrictions and member-driven card limits
  • 5 year contract term with locked-in rates
  • Zero card fees – ever


Control, Cost Savings, and Compliance for K-12

K-12 school districts nationwide are rationalizing how they source and procure supplies and services. With cost savings, control, and compliance as key business drivers, the American Express E&I Program for education delivers the following key benefits:

  • Significant Cost Savings: all spending on the corporate P-Card qualifies for rebates and incentives in line with your member agreement
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: reduce overhead associated with paper-based requisitioning and improve efficiencies across your institution’s entire purchasing operation
  • Maximized Security: the Amex virtual payment solution assigns a single-use account number to each transaction mitigating risk and fraud exposure
  • Full Spend Transparency & Tracking: gain access to all spend data with a couple of mouse clicks – no need to rely on (or wait for) user-submitted expense reports
  • Supports Sustainability Initiatives: reduce your supply chain carbon footprint by eliminating the use of paper and print supplies, automating manual and inefficient approval processes, and moving beyond the complex responsibility of document archival and storage

Contact E&I today to learn about the many benefits of the American Express Program for education.

James Lampe
Vice President, Member Success
E&I Cooperative Services

AMEX P-Card for K-12