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683369 - Learning Management Software
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08/01/2018 - 07/31/2025

D2L, the creator of the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), provides E&I members with a solution to help drive improved learning outcomes from one comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use platform. Brightspace combines the powerful tools, services, and support you need to deliver a best-in-class teaching and learning experience—all in one convenient package.

Enrich the learning experience for students of all ages with Brightspace, a secure and reliable LMS that works consistently on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Comprehensive tools help administrators and staff stay flexible while giving time-constrained instructors more power to teach. Brightspace also offers the unique ability to support advanced learning delivery techniques such as competency-based education and project-based, linear, blended, and fully online learning.

Not only do you benefit from the most flexible and functionally rich LMS on the market, you also get a true partner to help leverage it. As a learning company with more than two decades of experience in education, D2L’s mission to transform learning has never wavered. As a partner in learning, D2L is here to help you and your students succeed.

Contract Highlights:
  • Flexibly designed to support all users from a single platform
  • Adaptive design seamlessly responds to different devices, no matter the type or size
  • Real-time mobile app gives students a complete picture of tasks, timelines, and updates
  • Fully customizable system to mirror an institution’s personality, branding, roles, and organizational structure
  • Native analytics enable teachers and students to understand how and when an achievement happens
  • Cloud services with 99.9% uptime for anytime, anywhere learning
  • Always have the latest version via continuous delivery
Check out these free LMS assets from D2L for helpful information:

This contract was the result of a competitive solicitation based on E&I RFP #683369 for Learning Management Software Systems.

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