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Reimagining Liberal Arts Colleges:  Why it Matters Now More Than Ever
Watch a replay of this webinar that details what makes liberal arts colleges unique and how they must pivot to stay alive and prosper moving forward.

Continue Learning Outside the Classroom with Brightspace

Reimagining Course Design: Leveraging Feedback to Improve the Online Learner’s Experience: Watch a replay of this webinar on leveraging feedback experiences in online learning.

The University of Dallas moves all learning online to keep students on track for success, leveraging D2L’s Brightspace platform for uninterrupted access to educational content, lectures, and group discussions from home. Learn More.

Education Equity, the Digital Divide and COVID-19

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: A Survey of College and University Presidents

D2L, the creator of the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), provides E&I members with a solution to help drive improved learning outcomes from one comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use platform. Brightspace combines the powerful tools, services, and support you need to deliver a best-in-class teaching and learning experience—all in one convenient package.

Enrich the learning experience for students of all ages with Brightspace, a secure and reliable LMS that works consistently on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Comprehensive tools help administrators and staff stay flexible while giving time-constrained instructors more power to teach. Brightspace also offers the unique ability to support advanced learning delivery techniques such as competency-based education and project-based, linear, blended, and fully online learning.

Not only do you benefit from the most flexible and functionally rich LMS on the market, you also get a true partner to help leverage it. As a learning company with more than two decades of experience in education, D2L’s mission to transform learning has never wavered. As a partner in learning, D2L is here to help you and your students succeed.

Contract Highlights:
  • Flexibly designed to support all users from a single platform
  • Adaptive design seamlessly responds to different devices, no matter the type or size
  • Real-time mobile app gives students a complete picture of tasks, timelines, and updates
  • Fully customizable system to mirror an institution’s personality, branding, roles, and organizational structure
  • Native analytics enable teachers and students to understand how and when an achievement happens
  • Cloud services with 99.9% uptime for anytime, anywhere learning
  • Always have the latest version via continuous delivery
Check out these free LMS assets from D2L for helpful information:

This contract was the result of a competitive solicitation based on E&I RFP #683369 for Learning Management Software Systems.

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