E&I Nominating Committee

Each year E&I’s Nominating Committee identifies qualified candidates to fill open Board positions. The Nominating Committee consists of five (5) members. The members of the 2021 Nominating Committee are:

E&I Board

Wanda Hernandez

E&I Board

Debra D. Matlock, JD

Chandra Miller, M.S., CFE, CPO

Jennifer Adling (Chair)

E&I Board

Missty Kennedy (Co-Chair)

Members of the Nominating Committee were selected as follows:

  • One current Board director, selected by the President from among the members of the Board, who serves as this year’s chairperson.
  • Last year’s Committee chairperson, if available. If unavailable, the President will select another current Board director with the intent that this person would serve as chairperson next year.
  • Three (3) members from E&I member institutions appointed by the President.

The members appointed to the Committee are representative of the variety of institution types within our membership (small, medium, and large schools, public and private institutions, 2- and 4-year institutions, etc.).

Nominating Committee members  serve for a period of one year. No Committee member will serve more than three (3) successive terms.

For more information on the Nominating Committee process, see the E&I Nominating Committee Charter.

The Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for individuals who wish to be considered to stand as candidates in this year’s Board of Directors election. All eligible candidates who meet the nomination criteria must submit their application by October 23, 2020.