Competitive Solicitation Process

Members across the country have worked together to develop our competitive RFP process, ensuring an outstanding program that strives to meet both public and individual institution diversity and compliance requirements. Our process has been validated by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) as being in compliance with generally accepted public procurement standards.

More than just upfront pricing discounts, this program has real time saving benefits. You don’t have to conduct the RFP process because we do it for you. This means your staff has more time to focus on other strategic issues.

Competitive RFP Process

RFP Development:

  • E&I’s Senior Vice President, Sourcing or designee appoints product /service experts within the E&I organization and Membership to participate in the RFP development and evaluation process.
  • Regular meetings/conference calls are held between the E&I Contract Manager and the RFP Team to identify RFP content, technical specifications, evaluation criteria, and potential suppliers.
  • The RFP clearly states description of products and/or services, evaluation factors, delivery schedule and terms and conditions.

Issuing & Advertising:

  • The RFP is issued for a minimum of 30 days to potential suppliers
  • E&I provides members with an electronic link to the solicitation and members are requested to advertise by the prescribed methods within each state and by member policy.
  • The RFP is advertised in national publication, USA Today.
  • The RFP is posted to E&I’s Electronic Sourcing Solution.
  • A pre-proposal conference, if required, is held approximately 14 days after the release of the RFP.
  • Participant proposals may be modified or withdrawn at any time prior to the closing of the RFP.
  • Receipt of electronically submitted proposals are sealed and chronicled within E&I’s Electronic Sourcing Solution.

Evaluation & Award:

  • Proposals are evaluated in accordance with the stated evaluation criteria within the RFP.
  • Award is posted to the E&I website.
  • Notifications of award are sent by E&I to all members and RFP respondents.