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Selecting and purchasing the best technology solutions can be daunting – not to mention keeping up with ever-evolving trends while staying on budget.

E&I’s comprehensive portfolio offers contracts with industry-leading hardware, software, cloud, and service providers dedicated to helping you find the best technology solutions.
We help our members make value-driven IT investment decisions for their unique needs that maximize ROI.

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Cloud solutions and services

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eProcurement implementation, support, and services

IT hardware and related services

IT infrastructure and data center solutions

Comprehensive IT services

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Networks and cybersecurity

Expert consulting across technology needs

Peripherals, accessories, supplies

Telecom: voice, video, phone, and internet

Our IT Contracts
Cloud Licensing Made Easy

Whether you’re renewing your cloud technology licenses or looking for new solutions for your school or campus, take advantage of our competitively solicited contracts with renowned, industry-leading cloud providers that include special terms, conditions, and substantially discounted rates.

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Technology Category Advisory Board

Bringing Together Higher Ed Technology Leaders to Effect Positive Industry Change

The Technology Category Advisory Board (TCAB) brings together higher education technology and procurement leaders to discuss technology requirements in education, the needs of E&I member institutions, and work towards the shared goal of creating a positive impact on the industry.

TCAB enables these leaders to engage in broad technology in education discussions, covering topics from emerging and transformational technologies to buying and licensing practices and much more. We proudly recognize educational institutions and solution providers that are consistently innovating and enacting positive changes in higher education.

The objectives of TCAB are to address higher education’s technology needs and challenges, and help solutions providers devise innovative approaches to product development efforts that shape evolving business practices.

Future TCAB activities include:

  • Industry-focused cohort groups
  • Direct discussions between TCAB leadership and industry executives
  • Focused efforts on positive technology change opportunities and advancements

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