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Cooperative Contracts for K-12

E&I is the nation’s leading non-profit buying cooperative focused exclusively on education. Our 120+ competitively solicited contracts (PDF) deliver compelling cost savings on thousands of items for K-12 school districts and institutions.

We understand the challenges your district is facing, and we have the resources to help. Our team of contracting experts has decades of experience in the education sector. Our structured methodology has been proven again and again in issuing useful RFPs, sourcing strategically, and obtaining the best available pricing on everything from paint and light bulbs to server racks and software applications.

Time & Cost Savings

We handle the entire RFP process for you, including everything from research and RFP development to contract management. As a result, your team can focus on other priorities. There’s also no need to worry about compliance requirements. Our RFP process has been validated by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) as being in compliance with generally accepted public procurement standards.

Need a lead public agency agreement? We also have you covered there.

By taking advantage of the time and cost efficiencies we offer, your staff is free to focus on the more important functions that help advance your institution’s mission and strategies. Due to purchasing requirements becoming more complicated and budgets being stretched thinner, these savings are more valuable than ever.

Cooperative Contracts for K-12

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