Professional, Consulting & Administrative Services

Whether you’re deciding where to start before launching your next initiative, expert consultation on the latest technology, packing and moving services, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.
Through E&I contracts, you can hire professionals to perform a wide range of services on your campus from trusted, experienced suppliers.

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Accounting, auditing & collections

Revenue generation through sales of surplus commodities

Landscaping, custodial, restoration & other facilities maintenance

Employment screening, background checks, professional licensing verification

Expert consulting on technology, finances, security & more

CMAR & JOC construction services

Reverse auctions & eProcurement services

IT, hardware, software, cloud, ERP, & other support services

Food service, catering, equipment installation/maintenance

Delivery, mail, freight & relocation solutions

AP automation, secure payments, business identity verification, compliance

T&E, travel policy compliance, unused ticket reimbursement, Duty of Care

Our Professional, Consulting & Administrative Services Contracts


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