Supplier Registration

Want to become an E&I supplier? To get started, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Complete a Supplier Information Form, which will enter your organization into our database as a potential E&I Business Partner.
  2. View our regularly updated list of the Cooperative’s current and upcoming RFP solicitations here. When an RFP becomes available in your industry, submit your business into consideration.
  3. If your business submits a proposal that is determined to best fit the needs of our members, it will be awarded a contract and officially become a proud E&I Business Partner!

Please Note

Submitting a Supplier Information Form does not mean your company is automatically a Business Partner, nor does it guarantee you will be awarded a contract. You will first need to participate in an RFP and be awarded a contract.

More Information

Questions? Comments? Please contact Judy Schwartz, Contract Coordinator, for more information or for help in the process of becoming an E&I Business Partner.

Become an E&I Supplier