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E&I Member Representative Team

Click the menus below for drop-down lists of E&I’s Member Representatives. Selecting a name from the drop-down will open an email to that person.

If you’re not sure who your E&I Member Representative is, you can utilize our Find My E&I Rep tool below.

Colin Anderson Vice President, Member Engagement
Cathy Boyd E-Procurement Executive Advisor
Andrew Brennan Senior Sourcing Consultant
Meaghan Mulligan Senior Sourcing Consultant
Jill Schunk Senior Sourcing Consultant
Phil Goldman Regional Vice President – East
Kristin Ferrufino Sourcing Consultant
Matthew Larson Sourcing Consultant
Matthew Sirinek Sourcing Consultant
Mike Einhorn Sourcing Consultant
Walter Wickersham Sourcing Consultant
Susan Peters Regional Vice President – West
Barbara Amosson Sourcing Consultant
Nancy Murray Sourcing Consultant
Nate Termaat Sourcing Consultant
Ricky Wooten Sourcing Consultant
James Lampe Vice President, Member Success
Kari Antman Member Success Manager
Starla Ford Member Success Manager
Yvette Heflin Member Success Manager
Brit Isaacs Member Success Manager
Anthony Jackson Member Success Manager
James Stone Member Success Manager
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E&I has a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring your success. Use this helpful tool to find the name and contact information of your E&I representative(s).
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