Our ability to deliver sustainable value for our members depends upon strong partnerships that help us achieve our vision. These alliances enable us to leverage our assets, harness our buying power and ultimately provide exclusive savings opportunities. We are incredibly proud to partner with these organizations.

E&I Affiliates
E&I Affiliates


ACUHO-I members believe in developing exceptional residential experiences at higher ed institutions around the world. E&I partners with ACUHO-I to help our members provide dynamic living environments on campus.

E&I Affiliates


APPA promotes leadership in educational facilities for professionals seeking to build their careers, transform their institutions, and elevate the value and recognition of educational facilities. Together, E&I and APPA are focused on helping members get the most out of E&I’s facilities contracts.

E&I Affiliates

Coalition for College Cost Savings

CCCS is a group purchasing coalition comprised of non-profit higher education members dedicated to helping non-profit higher education institutions improve processes and reduce costs through collaboration. CCCS and E&I share a commitment to collaboration and a true belief in the power of cooperative purchasing.



Internet2 is a non-profit, member-driven, advanced technology community that delivers a diverse portfolio of solutions that leverage, integrate, and amplify the strengths of its members and help support their educational, research, and community service missions. E&I and Internet2 collaborate to provide best-in-class competitively solicited contracts for cloud solutions.


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium

MHEC is the premier source for regionalized New England group purchasing. MHEC and E&I work together to bring contract tools designed to help the timely purchase of goods and services at the best value for member institutions.


NACAS is the leading organization supporting all campus services and whose members advance campus environments to improve the quality of life for students. E&I is a NACAS Business Partner and has access to data, resources, educational experiences, leadership development, connections, and progressive business models that fuel high-level collaboration with higher ed institutions.

E&I Affiliates

National Association of College and University Business Officers

NACUBO is a membership organization representing more than 1,900 higher ed institutions across the country. Together, NACUBO and E&I bring effective and efficient alternative services that more closely align with E&I members’ institutional missions.

E&I Affiliates

National Association of Educational Procurement

NAEP is the non-profit professional association dedicated to serving higher education procurement professionals. NAEP promotes effective and ethical procurement principles and techniques within higher ed through continuing education, networking, public information, and advocacy. E&I is proud to be a heritage partner of NAEP.

E&I Affiliates

National Cooperative Procurement Partners

E&I is a founding member of NCPP an organization widely recognized as the key authority and source of information on cooperative purchasing within the public procurement community. NCPP focuses on advocacy, legislation analysis, and promotion of best practices.