Supplier Diversity

E&I is committed to developing a world class Supplier Diversity Program which reflects the diversity commitments of our members and the multicultural communities in which they serve. We recognize the importance of diverse suppliers and are committed to ensuring that diversity is an integral part of our sourcing and procurement processes.

Become an E&I Diverse Partner

E&I is committed to partnering with diverse suppliers that reflect the multicultural markets our member institutions serve, which is why we are always looking to identify new diverse supplier candidates.

Group of smiling diverse procurement professionals working together
Diverse supplier business meeting of professionals

What Happens Next?

Your information will be submitted to the appropriate category team to determine the current need for your company’s products and/or services or be filed for future consideration in an upcoming solicitation.

Our Competitive RFP Process

Registration with E&I is not a guarantee for business, but it will bring the visibility of your organization to our internal category teams and provide additional opportunities for being notified of upcoming sourcing events.

Two diverse professionals work together in front of a computer


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