E&I is your Cooperative, and as a member, your utilization of our contracts offers many benefits. Not only can you take advantage of considerable cost saving opportunities, but you can also share in the Cooperative’s overall financial success.

Each year E&I’s Board of Directors authorizes the Cooperative to pay out a percentage of the company’s net income, if any, in the form of patronage. Patronage refunds are determined based on a member’s use of E&I contracts over the last calendar year.

Patronage & Certificates of Equity

A minimum of 20% of the patronage is paid out in cash, with the remainder credited to each member’s Certificate of Equity. The mounting value in a member’s Certificate of Equity account represents the member’s ongoing ‘investment’ in the Cooperative. This money is used to help support the Cooperative and provide for future growth.

Download our Patronage & Equity brochure for a detailed breakdown of how this works.

Patronage returned to members represents an additional source of revenue generation, as well as an additional reduction in member costs. Watch this video for all the details on the benefits of patronage:

Please note that E&I does not issue checks for cash patronage if the total is less than $25.

For information regarding your institution’s patronage payments or Certificate of Equity, please submit this request form. Only the Member of Record (MOR), who is the primary contact for E&I at your institution, can request this information. Watch this brief video primer for even more details on how your patronage is calculated.