Membership Benefits

E&I proudly acts as an extension of your procurement department, providing a comprehensive offering of contracts and services that helps you optimize your education dollars.

Here’s How We Help

Skip the RFP Process

We take care of the entire RFP process, saving you valuable time and money so your team can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Tap Into Aggregated Spend

We leverage the purchasing power and expertise of our membership to negotiate better terms and pricing on our contracts.

Access Competitively Solicited Contracts

Our portfolio of competitively solicited contracts spans everything from technology to residence life, research, healthcare, and more.

Meet Your Compliance Needs

Our member-driven competitive solicitation process has been validated by NIGP as complying with generally accepted procurement standards.

Optimize Your Spend

Through our innovative Strategic Spend Assessments, we use your institution’s purchasing data to reduce costs, bring more spend under contract, and maximize control and efficiencies.

Take Advantage of eProcurement

The benefits of ePro are available to all E&I members through our no-cost online platform (coming soon) and a range of other eProcurement platforms.

Contain Costs & Drive Revenue

Benefit from supplier-driven rebates and financial incentives as well as our unique patronage program, which distributes funds at the end of the year based on your institution's purchases.

Leave Supplier Management to Us

Ongoing contract and supplier management takes time and money – and it’s something we handle through regular supplier and contract performance reviews.

Local Support from Industry Experts

Our nationwide team of dedicated Member Representatives understand your unique needs and help ensure your satisfaction and success as an E&I member.

Auburn University
E&I continues to be a valued strategic partner for my university. I view the E&I team as an extension of my staff. By utilizing the contracts and various services offered, my team has time available to focus on more strategic tasks. I am proud to be a member of such a great Cooperative that understands the true meaning of a partnership and listens to what the members want and puts what they hear into action!
Roger Williams University
E&I has always provided great support and substance.
Spring Branch ISD
Tapping into the benefits available through E&I’s contracts is a lifesaver. It means I can get my end-users what they need much more quickly than if we had to conduct an RFP, handle the integration, and manage the contract on our own.
Colorado State University
It was extremely gratifying to see two organizations the size of E&I and Avantor proactively reach out to us, working to bring a diverse supplier to the table because it’s the right thing to do!
Troy University
We have been very pleased with E&I Cooperative Services.
Hotchkiss School
I was looking for a cooperative that could be a one-stop-shop and E&I delivers. As our sole partner in business, the relationship continues to grow and prosper. We are so thankful to be a part of this large network.
Sanford Burnham Presbys Medical Discovery Institute
E&I has been beneficial to our savings targets. Through leveraging the combined spend of the members, E&I obtains greater discounts than our organization could achieve on our own.
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