Esports is Hitting a Home Run in Education

| by Michelle Nettuno, Category Marketing Manager, Technology, E&I Cooperative Services

No matter where you look in education news today, you’ll see articles about the rise of esports in K-12 and higher education. Topics include everything from why esports should be in education to discussions about how it’s shaping education, the benefits it offers institutions and students, technology and infrastructure essentials, how to get started, and more.

IT leaders and educators are recognizing the many benefits of introducing esports at their institutions. According to Inside Higher Ed, among others, K-12 and higher education institutions are finding that engaging students in esports can help build critical thinking skills, encourage teamwork and innovation, and promote self-directed learning.

Attract Prospective Students

Another tremendous value that college administrators are realizing from instituting esports is in the area of attracting prospective students.

High schools across the country now offer esports, and several states recognize esports as a high school varsity sport. Many students who are highly engaged in high school esports expect to continue participating throughout their college years. Esports clubs are forming on campuses, and dedicated playing spaces and arenas are on the rise. There is even talk about the many career paths that may stem from esports, including playing, announcing, marketing, and production.


Esports sponsorship opportunities and deals are growing tremendously as companies with well-known brands are sponsoring esports organizations. Teams and individual players that have become popular among fans are even starting to receive sponsorships. Esports is being recognized as a fast-growing opportunity for marketers to engage younger audiences that are more difficult to reach through traditional channels.

E&I Business Partners Help Members with Esports Programs

E&I business partners are here to help our members with esports programs through our technology agreements, including
CDW-G, Connection® Public Sector Solutions, B&H Photo Video, and Columbia Advisory Group (CAG). These business partners can help your institution get up and running with esports, expand existing programs, and provide additional support as needed.

For more information on these business partners, visit our website or contact your local Member Relations Representative or Michael Mast, Business Development Manager, Technology, at

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