eProcurement for Everyone: Get Started with VERVE

Webinars Conducted on |  March 30, 2023 @ 2:00 PM (ET) Sponsored by | E&I Cooperative Services Presented by | E&I Cooperative Services eProcurement for Everyone: Get Started with VERVE VERVE by E&I is an online service that delivers an easy and intuitive eProcurement experience across your entire campus. Included at no cost as part […]

Designing For Human Behavior

Webinars Conducted on | Wednesday, March 15 @  2PM (ET) Sponsored by | E&I Cooperative Services Presented by | AGATI Furniture Designing For Human Behavior With over 30 years of designing for public spaces, AGATI is well-versed in the best solutions for addressing different behaviors and work patterns.  Watch this webinar that will deep dive […]

A Global Guide to Rescreening

Young professionals working together on a project, all looking at paperwork together

What is Rescreening, Why You Should Do It, and How to Get Started By HireRight If you’re new to rescreening, sometimes also known as employee screening or post-hire screening, it’s perfectly natural to have some questions. Here we’ll look at some of the most common questions around rescreening, from what it is and why companies […]

Smart Lockers: The Future of Student Parcel Delivery

Student using smart phone to unlock her mailbox smart locker technology

As the Number of Students and Parcels Grows, So Does the Need to Modernize Student Parcel Delivery By Pitney Bowes Our digital lifestyle has reshaped campus life, and no one has felt it more than the campus mail centers. As the number of students and parcels grows, so does the need to modernize student parcel […]

Is Your Vehicle Fleet Ready for Winter?

Fleet of vehicles in a snow covered parking lot during a snow storm and winter weather

Avoid Costly Downtime Caused by Winter Weather By Batteries Plus Bulbs For much of the country, winter is on the way. As the temperature drops, the batteries in your cars, trucks and other fleet vehicles have a much harder time performing, making them far more likely to fail. Once a vehicle goes down, it can […]

Are You Prepared for the New DOE SEER2 Efficiency Standards?

Multiple HVAC fan units on a commercial building rooftop with a sunset in the background

Big Changes to the HVAC Industry in 2023 By Carrier Enterprise Big changes are coming to the HVAC industry in 2023, as new Department of Energy SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) efficiency standards will go into place at this time. HVAC professionals are responsible for staying on top of industry changes as they occur, […]

Supplier Spotlight: Carahsoft on Cloud Tech Licensing Challenges, Consolidations, Management, and Cost Control

A spotlight and interview chair

An Interview with Martin Gavin, Senior Program Manager at Carahsoft By Michelle Nettuno, Category Marketing Manager, Technology, E&I Cooperative Services We sat down with Martin Gavin, Senior Program Manager at Carahsoft, to discuss cloud technology licensing challenges, consolidation, management, and cost control. What are the major cloud licensing challenges that educational institutions are facing today? […]