Marco Signs Awarded Contract With E&I

May 20, 2024 | Marco has signed a competitively awarded print services and devices contract with E&I Cooperative Services, a procurement cooperative serving members in higher education and K-12.

From Incident to Resolution: Understanding the Title IX Reporting Process for Colleges and Universities

The 2024 revision to Title IX regulations has expanded definitions of sex discrimination, including those involving sexual orientation, gender identity, or pregnancy. Besides these changes, the revisions to Title IX requirements for colleges and universities impact the reporting, investigation, and resolution process. Let’s look at the most significant updates to the Title IX rules, impacting […]

Best Practices for Implementing Effective Title IX Training for Faculty and Staff in Higher Ed

New rules on Title IX compliance have broadened the scope of requirements and added new definitions for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. Colleges and universities need to review their policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure compliance with the changes. Part of rolling out these changes includes updated Title IX training for faculty and staff. What […]

The Ultimate Guide to Title IX Training for Colleges and Universities

The updated Title IX regulations released in April 2024 are significantly more complex and add additional obligations. The new regulations are some 1,577 pages long and contain 1,500 pages of guidance. Although there are legal challenges underway, colleges and universities have until August 1 to implement these new rules, including Title IX training for faculty […]

Empowering Title IX Coordinators: Best Practices for Effective Training in Colleges

The end of the fiscal year is always busy, wrapping up another successful school year and beginning preparations for the fall. This year, however, brings the added challenge of new regulations for Title IX, with a rapidly approaching deadline. The 2024 updates to Title IX were released in April and must be implemented by schools […]

The Role of Procurement in Ensuring Effective Title IX Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Procurement teams have an important role to play in ensuring that colleges and universities can access the right resources and solutions for Title IX compliance. By identifying and evaluating potential vendors, negotiating terms, and finding the right-fit legal and consulting services, procurement teams can make a significant contribution to fulfilling the requirements of Title IX […]

Innovative Approaches to Title IX Training: Engaging College Students in the Learning Process

Despite the best efforts of colleges and universities, research shows that nearly two-thirds of college students report experiencing sexual harassment. Even more shocking is the finding that 26% of female college students and 7% of male students have been victims of sexual assault. Higher education institutions have a responsibility to prevent these behaviors, and they […]

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Updates on Title IX Training Requirements for Higher Ed

The U.S. Department of Education’s updated final regulations on Title IX enforcement include new regulations regarding sex discrimination complaints and expansion of protections for LGBTQ+ and pregnant students. Key changes include: Elimination of live hearings with cross-examination to protect survivors New definition of sexual harassment, including sexual orientation and gender identity Extending jurisdictions to off-campus […]