Recycling on Campus: How to Encourage Sustainability

Recycling on campus can make a significant difference in reducing waste. In a 2023 competition, more than 3.4 million college students and staff donated, composted, and recycled a staggering 29.4 million pounds of waste. That included recycling more than 205 million single-use plastic bottles and preventing the release of nearly 30,000 metric tons of carbon […]

Finding Customizable Weatherproof Recycling Bins for Schools

Ninety-two percent of students say that sustainability is something that all schools should actively pursue and promote. Students are increasingly interested in learning about sustainable practices, educational options highlighting green initiatives, and making eco-friendly choices. Schools need a broad approach to sustainability, including curricula, ongoing education, and visible signs of commitment to meet student and […]

Creating a Sustainable Campus: Cost-Effective Campus Recycling Efforts

Colleges and universities play a vital role in shaping future generations and fostering responsible habits. Encouraging sustainable practices is crucial, and campus recycling programs are a key component of this environmental commitment. With that in mind, let’s examine the benefits of recycling in universities and key strategies to reduce costs while optimizing impact. What Are […]

Creating a Brighter Future Using Sustainable Flooring Options on Campus

The vast majority of colleges and universities have pledged to consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Not only are students demanding more eco-friendly practices, but campuses are taking an integrative approach to fulfilling their sustainability goals. Higher education is leading by example, creating healthier and brighter futures for students and employees. While reducing carbon footprint […]

School Flooring That Goes the Distance for Higher Education Institutions

As students walk across campus, go in and out of classrooms, or grab a meal in the cafeteria, the last thing they think about is school flooring. Yet constant traffic, scraping furniture, and spills take a toll. University floors endure more intensive traffic in just a few years than residential flooring gets in decades. So, […]

Flooring Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

A Tale of Two Universities One higher education institution was looking to replace the dated carpeting in its library. As a low-cost solution, the procurement team chose to install wall-to-wall carpeting over the summer when student traffic is low. However, they soon realized the carpet’s poor durability could not withstand the high traffic once students […]

Cost-Effective Higher Education Flooring Solutions

There are more than 4,300 higher education institutions in the U.S. as of 2024. That number represents about 78 square miles of flooring—roughly the size of the city of Cleveland, Seattle, Cincinnati, or Baltimore. In financial terms, that adds up to about $10 billion in flooring. With today’s budget limitations and high-traffic spaces, finding indoor […]

Discovering the Best Commercial Flooring Solutions for Higher Education Institutions

When evaluating the building materials and design elements of a college campus, it’s easy to overlook one of the most constantly utilized surfaces—flooring. With thousands of students, faculty, and staff passing through hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and dorms each day, the flooring in educational spaces sees more action than nearly any other feature. From heavy foot […]

Waste Management Solutions for Sustainable Campuses

Sustainability is increasingly important to students and staff, but colleges and universities have a long way to go to meet their mission. Less than one-quarter of students surveyed rated their school as very sustainable. When you consider that a majority of students said environmental sustainability played a role in their college enrollment decision, and 30% […]

Finding Cost-Effective University Recycling Solutions

Despite efforts to improve recycling, about 80% of the material in landfills is recyclable. While today’s students are generally more aware of the value of recycling than earlier generations, there is still considerable room for improvement. Colleges and universities looking to reduce waste and improve recycling on campus often face budgetary constraints, even when prioritizing […]