The CMI Group

Professional call center customer service team

About the CMI Group Contract for E&I Members The CMI Group contract provides full-service collections services and contact center outsourcing. E&I members benefit from their innovative revenue cycle, accounts receivable, and contact center solutions designed to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.  With over three decades of industry experience, The CMI Group is committed to […]

Arrow Payments

Professional financial solutions through the E&I Arrow Payments contract helps simplify processes and drive revenue growth

About the Arrow Payments Contract for E&I Members The Arrow Payments contract delivers payment solutions and a secure payment processing system. E&I members benefit from an audit of current payments systems, access to Arrow Payments’s processing solutions, point-to-point encryption, merchant service support, the integration of payments, and PCI compliance. Arrow Payments helps institutions simplify processes […]


E&I PaymentWorks contract for business identity platform to automate collecting and verifying business identity information and prevent fraud

About the PaymentWorks Contract for E&I Members The PaymentWorks contract offers their Business Identity Platform, which enables institutions to automate the collection and verification of business identify information for payees to prevent fraud. Members can eliminate the risk of payments fraud, reduce costs by shifting from checks to ACH payments, and ensure compliance by automating […]

American Express

About the American Express Contract for E&I Members The American Express contract helps institutions of all sizes create a customized payment program that saves costs, creates efficiencies through automation, improves institutional cash flow, and generates financial benefits that are calculated using the aggregate volume of all participating E&I members. The entire suite of American Express […]