Security Solutions for Education

Institutions must remain vigilant and take strategic security measures for emergency preparedness across campus.
E&I’s portfolio not only delivers cost savings, but you can use our contracts right away, allowing you to plan proactively and rapidly respond to threats, crises, and protocols.

We Can Help

Looking for reinforced windows, door locks, and ballistic barriers, or surveillance, biometric scanners, networking equipment, and radio and communications solutions?
Many E&I suppliers offer these products and more, including trained security personnel, IT consulting, background checks, and other solutions that can help protect your institution from physical and digital threats.

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Ensure each corner of campus is secure with the latest alarm and security systems from industry leading suppliers

Safety, Protection, & Policing

From campus police* to event security and related equipment, hire professionals to protect and serve across campus

Our suppliers offer solutions such as turnstiles, gates, bollards, and belt barriers for permanent or temporary crowd control

Shipping, Tracking & Logistics Services

Protect communications to and from your students and staff from theft, vandalism, and other malicious behaviors

Locks, Safes & Hardware

Keep your people, information, and property secure with top-of-the-line locks, safes, and hardware

Screening & Background Checks

A safe environment starts with people you can trust – hire only the best with comprehensive screening and background checks

With the rise of digital threats, keep your data secure with the latest technology from industry-leading suppliers

A crucial part of any security system, find everything from cameras, accessories, DVR/NVR equipment, CCTV, and more

Police & Security Uniforms & Equipment

Keep your personnel easily identifiable and well-equipped with products from these suppliers

* E&I has issued an RFP covering Security Personnel and Related Services. Responses are currently under evaluation with an award pending, anticipated in Q4, 2023.


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