Contract Number: CNR01117
Contract Date: 04/01/2006 – 05/31/2024
Agreement: Negotiation
Renewals: 2 1-year renewals remaining
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: Negotiated – No RFP / Commercial Card Program

American Express

The American Express contract helps institutions of all sizes create a customized payment program that saves costs, creates efficiencies through automation, improves institutional cash flow, and generates financial benefits that are calculated using the aggregate volume of all participating E&I members. The entire suite of American Express B2B Services is available at exclusive pre-negotiated rates.

American Express is committed to helping organizations manage spend. Their entire B2B suite of payment solutions, including corporate card, purchasing card, vPayment, buyer initiated payments, and AP automation helps E&I members improve payment processes.

Contract Highlights
  • Drive efficiency by reducing paper checks and transitioning to electronic payments
  • Closed loop network provides value through AMEX's direct relationships between buyers and suppliers
  • No personal liability through corporate card programs
  • Integrated seamlessly into current AP solutions and payment programs
  • AMEX's Supplier Enablement Team facilitates the supplier onboarding process
  • Corporate card products free up cash that you can put back into your business
  • Buyer initiated payments allows you to select the amount and date of the transaction, helping reduce uncertainties about payment timing and improve efficiencies
  • vPayment assigns a single-use account number to each transaction, sets a specific payment amount, date range, and transaction details to help control spend and facilitate reconciliation processes
  • Simplify the day-to-day processes for everyday purchases with corporate cards, which include monthly detailed reports with purchasing information to help track spend
  • Generous rebate program based on total E&I membership spend under this contract


American Express believes we have a role to play in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy and has been working towards advancing climate solutions on multiple fronts.

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