What Is Sustainability in Procurement? Understanding the Basics with Real-World Examples for Higher Education

What Is Sustainable Procurement? Sustainable procurement places a priority on buying eco-friendly products that reduce environmental impacts. By selecting products, services, and suppliers that align with your institution’s sustainability goals, procurement teams can promote social responsibility and save money at the same time. While answering the question, “What is sustainable procurement?”, you might uncover different […]

Higher Education Procurement and Sustainability: Harnessing Requirements to Drive Positive Environmental Change

Higher education institutions have a significant responsibility when it comes to fostering sustainability. It’s essential to educate students about the importance of environmental stewardship and to set an example by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your procurement and sustainability strategies. For procurement teams, this has created another layer of complexity to meeting procurement targets in an […]

Sustainability in Procurement for Higher Education: Key Strategies for a More Sustainable Campus

When thinking about your institution’s environmental impact, sustainable procurement strategies focus on more than just the cost of goods or services. Purchasing decisions also have the power to affect environmental and social implications. For any institution that wants to be part of building a greener tomorrow for future generations, procurement teams must adopt a sustainable […]

Higher Education Procurement Sustainability Checklist: Essential Items for a Sustainable Campus

Is your higher education institution meeting sustainability and environmental goals? How do you stack up against other colleges and universities? Are your sustainability goals producing demonstrable differences in waste reduction and environmental initiatives? You need to know the answers to these questions if you want to make sure you have the right sustainable procurement criteria […]

Recycling on Campus: How to Encourage Sustainability

Recycling on campus can make a significant difference in reducing waste. In a 2023 competition, more than 3.4 million college students and staff donated, composted, and recycled a staggering 29.4 million pounds of waste. That included recycling more than 205 million single-use plastic bottles and preventing the release of nearly 30,000 metric tons of carbon […]

Finding Customizable Weatherproof Recycling Bins for Schools

Ninety-two percent of students say that sustainability is something that all schools should actively pursue and promote. Students are increasingly interested in learning about sustainable practices, educational options highlighting green initiatives, and making eco-friendly choices. Schools need a broad approach to sustainability, including curricula, ongoing education, and visible signs of commitment to meet student and […]

Creating a Sustainable Campus: Cost-Effective Campus Recycling Efforts

Colleges and universities play a vital role in shaping future generations and fostering responsible habits. Encouraging sustainable practices is crucial, and campus recycling programs are a key component of this environmental commitment. With that in mind, let’s examine the benefits of recycling in universities and key strategies to reduce costs while optimizing impact. What Are […]

Waste Management Solutions for Sustainable Campuses

Sustainability is increasingly important to students and staff, but colleges and universities have a long way to go to meet their mission. Less than one-quarter of students surveyed rated their school as very sustainable. When you consider that a majority of students said environmental sustainability played a role in their college enrollment decision, and 30% […]

Finding Cost-Effective University Recycling Solutions

Despite efforts to improve recycling, about 80% of the material in landfills is recyclable. While today’s students are generally more aware of the value of recycling than earlier generations, there is still considerable room for improvement. Colleges and universities looking to reduce waste and improve recycling on campus often face budgetary constraints, even when prioritizing […]