Green is the New Black – Changing the Environmental Outlook in America

Presented by ANTOS | Sponsored by E&I Cooperative Services There is no doubt in these times of climate change and heightened environmental awareness that educational institutions face an ever-changing list of challenges that impact day-to-day operations in a big way. Join us for this 50-minute webinar and learn how change...

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Protecting and Enhancing Your University’s Brand

Sponsored by: E&I Cooperative Services Institutions are often challenged with protecting and enhancing their school’s brand image. Maintaining brand integrity is extremely difficult, especially in today’s environment. The decentralized nature of higher education has sometimes diluted a school’s image through misuse of school logos and identifying marks.

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Your B&H Purchasing Portal is Better Than Ever

Presented by B&H Photo | Sponsored by E&I Cooperative Services So, you’ve signed up for the E&I B&H Purchasing Portal and have experienced its value in simplifying your technology procurement. You may be wondering how a streamlined, dedicated portal could get even better. Well, we’ve been listening to your feedback…

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Understanding Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Requirements

Sponsored by E&I Cooperative Services | Presented by Nouveau Construction Do you understand your Emergency Responder Radio Coverage requirements & needs? Since 9/11, regulations requiring Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) for building occupancy have become enforceable standards in fire codes. Driven at national, state, and local levels, these requirements are…

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Best Practices for Day-to-Day Technology Procurement

Presented by B&H Photo | Sponsored by E&I Cooperative Services Isn’t it time you were able to procure technology and related supplies while saving time and money by containing rogue spend? Listen now* to this free 50 minute webinar and learn how the innovative B&H Purchasing Portal is the solution your…

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The Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect: Seamlessly Navigate Campus Shipments

Presented by Pitney Bowes | Co-sponsored by E&I Cooperative Register & Listen Now. Learn how colleges and universities are overcoming mail center challenges. The rise of e-commerce has placed a burden on higher education mail centers to manage incoming and outgoing packages and parcels. E-commerce and Amazon’s reach…

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