Enhancing Supplier Diversity & Streamlining Procurement: Texas A&M’s Success with E&I’s Staples Contract

An Interview with Robby Bounds, Texas A&M University Executive Director of Procurement Services In this blog post, we delve into how Texas A&M University (TAMU) took significant steps to enhance its supplier diversity initiatives and streamline procurement processes through E&I’s Staples contract. Robby Bounds, Texas A&M University Executive Director of Procurement Services explains why this […]

What is an EMMP & What are the Benefits of Partnering with One?

Close up of maintenance workers inspecting or servicing equipment

Managing Maintenance Service Agreements on Your Behalf We’ve recently launched new contracts with three leading equipment maintenance management program (EMMP) providers: Electronic Risks Consultants, Remi, and Specialty Underwriters. But what is an EMMP, and what are the benefits of partnering with one? In short, an EMMP manages original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance service agreements on […]

Hurricane Season 2023: It Just Takes One

Tropical palm trees in strong winds during a hurricane

Firsthand Insights on Emergency Preparedness The first official day of hurricane season in the U.S. was June 1. While this year’s outlook for hurricanes is “near-normal,” it just takes one to cause significant damage. It is still early–we are just hitting peak season when historically most hurricanes hit due to El Nino, El Nina, Oceanic […]

Is a Three-Bid Procurement Strategy for Employee Relocations Wasting Time & Money?

Home office being packed in cardboard boxes for employee relocation

Why Full-Service Relocation Programs are the Answer for Your Organization Collecting three competitive bids for purchases is a logical, sensible way to find the best price for goods and services. Today, many organizations regularly employ a three-bid procurement strategy for a variety of purchases in order to find the best value for their dollar. Like […]

Supplier Spotlight: Apple Products & Support Services Through the E&I CDW-G Contract

A spotlight and interview chair

An Interview with Brooke Langley, Apple Business Development Strategist, Higher Ed at CDW-G We sat down with Brooke Langley, Apple Business Development Strategist, Higher Ed at CDW-G, to discuss how CDW-G helps our higher education members get the Apple products and support services they need. Please tell us how Apple changed their procurement process for […]

How Educational Institutions Sell Unused IPv4 Addresses for Millions

Close up of ethernet cables over IP address blocks

Guide to Selling University IPv4 Addresses This blog originally appeared on the IPv4.Global blog. The demand for IPv4 addresses (addresses that allow devices to communicate on the internet) has reached an all-time high. Universities across the country including Penn State, MIT and Harvard and many others are selling large blocks of IPv4 addresses that they […]

How to Develop Your Green Cleaning Program

How to develop a green cleaning program

Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be Hard This post originally appeared on the Grainger Know How blog. Going green doesn’t have to be hard. Green cleaning programs can help your facility hit sustainability targets, improve employee health and increase productivity. Getting started with a green cleaning program, or getting your existing program certified, is now […]

Using Eco-Friendly Products & Practices in Your Business

Professional business person using recycling bin to support sustainability

Greening Your Operation Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot This blog originally appeared on Staples’ Worklife blog. If you’ve ever felt like your office is generating too much trash, you’re probably right. The average person generates 4.4 pounds of waste a day, according to reporting by recycling organization Roadrunner. What’s more, many companies waste electricity […]

IPv4 Addresses & Their Role in Education

The Hidden Financial Value for Higher Ed & K-12 Institutions Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules for addressing and routing data so it can travel through networks and arrive at its intended destination. Internet-connected devices each have a unique IP address. IP Addresses for Education In the early development of the internet there […]

A Global Guide to Rescreening

Young professionals working together on a project, all looking at paperwork together

What is Rescreening, Why You Should Do It, and How to Get Started If you’re new to rescreening, sometimes also known as employee screening or post-hire screening, it’s perfectly natural to have some questions. Here we’ll look at some of the most common questions around rescreening, from what it is and why companies do it […]